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UHY Training Center has been organizing training for seven years with the aim to improve knowledge and skills in economics, finance and business processes, that have been successfully attended by 4,300 students in Split and Zagreb so far.

The training is organized with a small number of students so that lecturers can communicate with the participants as much as possible, answer their questions, and cover examples from actual accounting and tax practice.

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Education in finance and accounting

A small number of entrepreneurs, or accounting and bookkeeping offices, have a sufficient amount of professionals who can keep up with frequent tax and accounting changes. UHY education is therefore the best and most cost-effective way to find out all the news in one place and the ways of applying them in your business.

Coffee with Tax Consultant

Coffee with Tax Consultant is an UHY workshop where employees from accounting or employees from departments of medium or large companies raise current issues and discuss specific examples from the entrepreneurial practice, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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Composing Income Tax Return – PD Form – Income Tax

How to prepare and what to look out for when making your 2019 Income Tax return and what are the tax news in 2020 – topics that will undoubtedly be most useful and interesting to bookkeepers, accounting managers, but also to business owners.

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Tax and accounting trends in the charter industry

The participants of the seminar will learn how to treat services in the charter industry,when it is obligatory to calculate VAT on advance payments, what is and when to apply the Special tax procedure, what conditions must be met for all vessel costs to be tax-deductible etc.

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Education training in the field of EU funds

UHY experts with more than 1 million Croatian kuna worth of approved EU projects will pass on their knowledge and skills to help you prepare and implement projects on your own.

Accounting and financial monitoring of EU projects

The workshop is designed as an overview of accounting and financial tracking and management of EU projects with specific examples.

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EU Project Preparation Manager – Consultant for EU Funds

Education involves practical exercises and solving problems and obstacles in the preparation of EU projects.

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EU Project Manager – EU Project Implementation Manager

Educate yourself and avoid mistakes in project implementation procedures that can compromise the project and result in returns of funds

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Individual trainings

Would you like to learn new skills in accounting, auditing, tax, or business even faster and more effectively? UHY experts will devote 100% of their time and apply the newly acquired knowledge to real-life examples.

Accounting and financial monitoring of EU projects

Learn about monitoring the financial flow of EU projects, what are the obligations of the beneficiaries, and what are the differences between budgetary and non-budgetary beneficiaries.

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Consolidation of financial statements and related parties

Are you affiliated with multiple legal entities and need help with consolidation and the preparation of consolidated financial statements?

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