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UHY network in Croatia is your partner for business success. In our network you have the support you have always wanted, so that you can ask a question from any part of the finance, and we will present to you a person an expert to answer that question. For all our clients we provide a whole range of services, we organize regular education and seminars, which is the reason that you are always aware of the support we provide in your everyday business.

Accounting and audit

You are planning to succeed in business? Engage a good accountant as your partner and an independent and objective auditor for the audit. The first one will take care that all you do is accordance with the laws, and the other one will understand your business, detect the risks of incorrect preparation and presentation of financial statements and ultimately express an opinion on those financial statements.


Would you like to know the true state of your business at any time? UHY organises its accounting services in such a way that our clients have insight into the accounting books throughout the whole year. For those wanting more details after submitting a monthly VAT application, we deliver the profit and loss account, the real balance of receivables and liabilities and other business data. Find out what accounting services include.

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You are legally obliged to audit financial statements, or you have voluntarily decided to audit the financial statements? Are you increasing your equity by adding assets and rights, and you need an audit of the increase in equity? You want to buy or sell a company, and you need due diligence to determine the real price? Find out what auditing services include.

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EU Projects

UHY experts are experienced in the preparation and implementation of EU projects with almost 100% success rate. The clients we helped are both public users (cities, municipalities, public institutions etc.) and entrepreneurs with grats of nearly one billion kuna approved.

Drawing up EU projects

UHY experts drew up more than 150 projects that got almost one billion kuna of funds approved.

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Implementation of EU projects

UHY experts participated in the implementation of more than 60 projects with a percentage of success being 97,3%.

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UHY Business and Tax Consulting specialists help companies to solve complex problems, but also direct them towards successful business and long-term growth.

Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting means business without possible sanctions, but also tax planning with which you will achieve savings and take control of tax costs.

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Business Consulting

Sometimes you need a different perspective. Our financial advisors can provide you with this perspective, obtained through numerous experiences on the needs of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

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