Interview with Budisa Helena, director

Business journal Business.hr has conducted an interview with a director Budisa Helena, in addition to the UHY research on the use of globalization. Mrs Budisa has also addressed the above research and answered to a series of questions about foreign investors in Croatia.

As a Vice President of CEA Dalmatia, Mrs Budisa pointed out that frequent change of laws and regulations is one of the biggest problems for foreign investors, who cannot tolerate that often and radically changing of tax laws and regulations and accentuated  that there is no planning  which can help in their investments that way.

Beside above  mentioned, Mrs Budisa emphasized the importance of attracting manufacturing companies and investors, as opposed to previous tax breaks to attract investments in trade, banks and insurance, which has proved to be extremely unsuccessful for Croatia, since these investments have exclusively been connected to extraction of the Croatian national income, with reduced or without tax rates.




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