EU Project Preparation Manager – Consultant for EU Funds

The preparation of any EU project must undergo the same preparation procedure, which requires knowledge of the methodology, handling of tender terms, a well-prepared activity plan, and sound financial cost planning. This training covers all three crucial areas funded by EU funds: projects that enhance human capacity, projects that invest in infrastructure and entrepreneurship, and projects funded by the Rural Development Program.

3 days
The training lasts for three days, and we will announce the time additionally.
March 2020
The workshop will be held at the Obzor College, Kopilica 21A, in Split.
2.700,00 HRK + VAT
Registration includes course materials, snacks, and refreshments.


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A full 3-day training course contains all the information, but also includes practical knowledge of the rules and procedures for preparing an EU project.

The workshop is conceptualized as a practical learning through exercises, problems, and obstacles in project preparation. The participants will receive an example of a project of their choice (ESF, ERDF, and a project from the Rural Development Program), that will be processed as part of the project preparation. At the end of the workshops, participants will get a set of project preparation materials with practical examples of preparation.

This program is intended for anyone interested in participating in the preparation of projects for applying for EU funds: state administration bodies, LGUs (municipalities, cities, counties), publicly and privately owned institutions and companies, consultants and freelancers, accountants and auditors, clusters , networks and associations, suppliers and contractors, students, citizens and other interested subjects in the sector.

The workshop consists of 2 parts:

Preparation of ESF projects – Day 1

  • how to accurately study the tender and the possibilities of co-financing
  • purpose and goals of the tender
  • indicators to be fulfilled in the project
  • eligible applicants
  • eligible activities
  • eligible costs
  • project application methodology
  • what is the project cycle, how the project cycle is managed and its importance
  • presentation of the student’s project ideas 
  • development and analysis of logical matrix for the students’ projects
  • preparation of the application form and project concept
  • creating an application form for projects
  • analysis of created application forms
  • preparation of project budget
  • budgeting and analysis of the students’ projects
  • introduction to the preparation and completion of the financial construction of the project
  • review of other documents.

ERDF Project Preparation – Day 2

  • presentation of student’s project ideas
  • development and analysis of logical matrix for the students’ projects
  • preparation of the application form and project concept:
  • purpose and justification of the project
  • implementation capacities
  • sustainability of the project
  • project objectives and indicators
  • development of application form A/project concept for selected projects.

Day 3 – Investment study and Feasibility study and application of the created application forms through e-funds system analysis 

  • budgeting and analysis for the students’ projects 
  • an investment study with a case study
  • a feasibility study with a case study 
  • review of other documents and applications through the e-funds system. 



Boris Pekić

Partner at UHY CONSULTING and Director of the Company

Boris Pekic is a Director and a Partner at UHY CONSULTING, with ten years of experience in business consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, local self-government units, other public bodies, and educational institutions.

He is in charge of business organization, negotiation, and contracting of engagements, as well as financial preparation and implementation of projects co-financed by EU and other supporting institutions, financial consulting in general, financial and operational restructuring, profitability analysis of individual products and services, profit centers, valuation of companies et al. He has been a professional lecturer on educational programs in the above-mentioned areas since 2007.

Prior to Croatia’s accession to the EU, he was a Business Advisor in over 200 projects for private and public sector users at home and abroad, including due diligence and financial restructuring of large companies, preparation of complex investment projects, and numerous expert capacity analysis and strategic documents drafting for local and regional self-government units.

In the 2014-2020 programming period, he was the leader and a member of the team that has completed over 100 project preparations and implementation projects funded by EU programs totaling over 1.25 billion Croatian kuna, secured with grants of just over 925 million Croatian kuna.

Boris graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Split with a degree in Business Economics.

He is a member of the Executive Board of the HUP-Association of Professionals in EU Funds.

Ivo Šarić

Project Implementation Manager UHY CONSULTING

Ivo Saric is the Project Implementation Manager. His day-to-day tasks include coordinating the project implementation team and advising clients in all aspects of project implementation co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds. This requires specific knowledge in public procurement, finance, project management methodology, and legal provisions governing different areas of EU projects. 

He has been in the world of EU funds since 2013. He has gained experience in the preparation and implementation of over 60 projects in the fields of economy, infrastructure, cultural heritage, science, and education, the largest of which is EU co-financing for over HRK 80 million.

He participated in the preparation and implementation of over 70 public procurement procedures for entities liable and not liable to the  Public Procurement act. He also regularly acts as a lecturer for the company, at educational programs in the fields of preparation and implementation of EU projects.

Ivo graduated with a degree in Business Economics from the Faculty of Economics in Split. He is an active user of the English language. He additionally completed and continues to receive training in the field of project preparation and implementation, as well as in the field of public procurement in Croatia and abroad. His interests and previous work experience in various fields such as civil society, science, IT, manufacturing, construction, commerce, and tourism helped him to see the broader picture of every project he is involved in.

Payment details

Title: EU Project Preparation Manager

Date: March 2020

Location: Obzor College, Kopilica 21A, Split

Registration fee: 2.700,00 HRK + VAT

Discounts: discount of 20%, or price from 2.160,00kn + VAT for:

Groups (2 or more persons from the same company/institution)

Students and unemployed persons

UHY in Croatia clients

Registration deadline: The application deadline is five (5) days before the workshop

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Managing partner at @kontraagency
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Financial Director, Croatia Yachting d.o.o. Travel agency, nautical tourism and trade

Thanks to UHY book keeping has never been easier. Friendly and open relations, outstanding professional performance it is a pleasure to work with you.

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