Accounting and financial monitoring of EU projects

One of the primary responsibilities of EU beneficiaries is to properly account for EU funds and ensure that they have an audit trail. What are the specifics of monitoring the financial flow of EU projects, what are the obligations of users, what are the differences between budget and non-budget users – find out in this hands-on one-day training!

1 day
The training lasts for one day and the time of the meeting is in agreement with the client
As agreed
The workshop will be held at the Obzor College, Kopilica 21A, in Split Price per agreement
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for UHYin Croatia Clients The registration fee includes workshop presentations, a sandwich, and a refreshing drink


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In order to prepare and effectively manage all aspects of the preparation and implementation of EU projects, everyone involved needs to acquire essential knowledge about EU funds.

The seminar is designed as an overview of accounting and financial monitoring and management of EU projects with specific examples.

The seminar is intended for the employees of the companies that plan to use or are already using funds from EU funds (companies, non-profit organizations, cities, and municipalities, scientific institutions) It is intended primarily for persons who participate or will participate in the project implementation phase: accounting and financial staff, administrators, project managers, lawyers, and responsible persons of institutions.

The workshop is also intended for employees of accounting firms (external service providers), who have or are planning to have clients who use EU funds, in order to supplement their knowledge necessary for proper project monitoring.

Detailed content description:

  • introduction to EU funds and EU projects 
  • definition and types of EU funds
  • types of EU tenders and EU projects 
  • procedure for preparation and application of EU projects
  • the grant contract and contractors
  • Financial management and reporting of EU project costs
  • categories of expenses in EU projects: salaries, travel orders and travel; services, goods, and works;
  • cost eligibility and documentation
  • project cash flow
  • financial and narrative reporting in EU projects – Reimbursement requirements
  • amendments to the grant agreement; field controls by contracting authorities 
  • EU projects communication: within the organization of beneficiaries of EU funds and with external stakeholders – contracting authorities, partners, subcontractors, and end-users 
  • accounting and tax aspects of project management co-financed by EU funds 
  • financing of EU projects from the VAT perspective: acquisition threshold and delivery threshold; who is required to request a VAT ID number; VAT on foreign services, VAT in construction, division of taxes
  • financing of EU projects from the aspect of the Income Tax Act: taxable and non-taxable income of employees and other persons involved in the EU project 
  • financing of EU projects from the aspect of the Profit Tax Act – tax treatment of received funds 
  • accounting monitoring and recording of EU projects – cost tracking
  • specifics of accounting monitoring and recognition of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in companies; nonprofit organizations (reciprocal and non-reciprocal revenue) and budget users.





Andrea Omašić

Certified Auditor and Partner at UHY HB EKONOM

Andrea Omasic is a Partner at UHY HB EKONOM Ltd and a Certified Auditor, specializing in clients in audit engagements, particularly audits of the financial statements of large and medium-sized companies.

Andrea is the Audit Director, responsible for the organization and execution of audit engagements and managing a team of professionals specialized in financial statement audit services, agreed-upon procedures and reviews, and other audit engagements. Daily tasks include working on audit engagements, organizing and conducting audit engagements accordingly with the requirements of International Auditing Standards, accounting and business consulting for clients.

In his career, Andrea participated, as an audit team member or an audit partner, in audits of more than 80 companies, including working on audits of financial statements of banks, listed companies and large companies. As an Auditing Partner, he participated in due diligence audit procedures, forensic audit procedures and company valuations.

He is a certified lecturer of the Croatian Audit Chamber with the consent of the Ministry of Finance in the continuing professional education of certified auditors in the Republic of Croatia.  He is the author and lecturer of professional papers at the traditional autumn conference “Accounting, Auditing and Taxes in Practice” and a guest lecturer at the Audit Courses at the Faculty of Economics, University of Split.

He is the author and permanent lecturer in accounting, tax, and audit topics at the UHY Training Center.

Andrea joined the UHY HB EKONOM team in January 2012, after graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Split as an intern in auditing and has progressed to a respectable expert in the field of audit and accounting consulting.

Ivo Šarić

Ivo Saric is the Project Implementation Manager . His day-to-day tasks include coordinating the project implementation team and advising clients in all aspects of project implementation co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds. This requires specific knowledge in public procurement, finance, project management methodology, and legal provisions governing different areas of EU projects. 

He has been in the world of EU funds since 2013. He has gained experience in the preparation and implementation of over 60 projects in the fields of economy, infrastructure, cultural heritage, science, and education, the largest of which is EU co-financing for over HRK 80 million.

He participated in the preparation and implementation of over 70 public procurement procedures for entities liable and not liable to the  Public Procurement act. He also regularly acts as a lecturer for the company, at educational programs in the fields of preparation and implementation of EU projects.

Ivo graduated with a degree in Business Economics from the Faculty of Economics in Split. He is an active user of the English language. He additionally completed and continues to receive training in the field of project preparation and implementation, as well as in the field of public procurement in Croatia and abroad. His interests and previous work experience in various fields such as civil society, science, IT, manufacturing, construction, commerce, and tourism helped him to see the broader picture of every project he is involved in.


Payment details

Title: Accounting and financial monitoring of EU projects 

Date: by appointment 

Location: Obzor College, Kopilica 21A, Split 

Registration Fee: Depending on the number of participants

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CEO @ Locastic
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“Expertise and professionalism-those are  the words to describe UHY. Even when we changed our headquarters and left Split, we decided to keep the accounting as we did not want to take a chance on someone new. In seven years of cooperation, they have proven  their professionalism and knowledge on numerous occasions by performing without errors and on time. “

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In the last seven years, we have collaborated with UHY HB EKONOM Ltd. on several projects. To have a contractor you can trust and at the same time is so highly professional such as UHY, makes it easier for us to work on current affairs and leaves us precious time to manage our development and growth. We never need to worry because accounting is under control. 

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“We have been cooperating with UHY HB EKONOM Ltd. for many years, and I can say we have developed a valuable relationship. With their professional, confidential and, above all,expert approach, UHY made significant contributions to the development of the potential of our company.  We wish to continue to successfully collaborate together to raise the bar of quality and success in business. “

Nikša Čulić
Director, ČULIĆ ELEKTRO CENTAR Ltd. for trade, export-import, manufacture and services

“UHY is made up of professional, responsible and competent experts who are always streaming to find solutions for the client. They are our first choice for tax and business consulting, and we recommend them gladly to our clients and partners.”

Nataša Subašić
Financial Director, Croatia Yachting d.o.o. Travel agency, nautical tourism and trade

Thanks to UHY book keeping has never been easier. Friendly and open relations, outstanding professional performance it is a pleasure to work with you.

Goran Adum
branch Manager ALFA LAVAL AALBORG A/S Denmark, main branch Split

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