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Accounting services

Accounting or something more?

You are of meaning that accounting should not be only about bookkeeping and making reports? You expect advices adjusted to your business from your accountant? You are planning on stepping forward and do business abroad, or you are already doing it, but you are not sure if everything is as it should be?

Then you are on the right spot. Our accounting services give you a proper value for money, as behind our name stands a network of over 5.000 independent accountant and finance experts from over 235 offices in 82 countries.

We understand that payroll and bookkeeping can be an administrative nightmare. Besides that it is complicated and time consuming, it can take your time from what you do best – further developing your business.

Our experts in accounting and bookkeeping will help the development of your firm by taking all this routine, but hence really important accounting functions for you in a way that you have no further worries about it.

Organizing payroll and bookkeeping are tasks that require constant notice and sufficient resources, therefore, an internal accounting department is, to most users, more a problem, then a benefit. Besides this, by outsourcing your accounting department you save a part of money that could be used on further business development.

With that in mind, it is important to say that every company is obligated to respect accounting law and rules, which are adjusted and changed on a daily basis, and not complying with these could result with high fines, and in special cases, even with a crime penalty.

That is the area in which our accounting and bookkeeping expert can help you. We can provide you with an entire set of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services that save your nerves, getting you rid of stress of everyday administration in this field.

List of accounting services:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services

Financial reports are in most cases complex with often changes in methodology, which is why it is really time and money consuming task. Small and middle-size companies therefore rarely can afford having a top-class expert that would do this task only. Our experts with long-time experience of preparing and controlling financial reports are at your services in every moment, especially if you get to a problem with time and knowledge, or you don't have your own capacity to make exact and reliable financial reports.

  • Making of special reports

annual report on operations for the needs of management

  • managment reports on cash flow,  liquidity, stocks, unpaid receivables, profitability, debt, etc.
  • Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting falls into modern accounting service types, and refers to problems you might have had in your accounting. Other problems might include money steal, frauds and embezzlement, or maybe missing accounting documentation. In these unusual situations we will try to find a way to help you find a fraud and its offender, as in most cases, you need an „outside view“, while employers inside company cannot see the whole picture rationally.

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