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Student Affairs Law

Student Affairs Law was pronounced at the regular session of the Croatian Parliament on October 19, 2018, the Law defines the rights and obligations of all interested parties. This Law enters into force within 8 days of the date of its publication in the Official Gazette, until then the Ordinance on mediation in the employment of regular students, which is active for the last 26 years, remains active.

The most significant change introduced by the Law is the extension of the definition of a regular student in terms of student affairs. According to the new law, all irregular students will have the same rights as regular students in performing student affairs defined by the Student Affairs Law.

The minimum prescribed hourly rate for student affairs will be determined by the Law and equal to all mediators. It will be calculated by dividing the minimum gross salary in the Republic of Croatia by 160, which means that after the Law enters into force prescribed hourly rate will be HRK 21, 50 for 2018 year. In case that mediator wants to change the amount of hourly rate, it can be done through their General Act, but prior approval of Students Council is necessary. The amount of the hourly rate can’t be lower than the amount determined by the Law.

Student Affairs Law introduces increased supervision of payment for student affairs, so the deadline for payment of the fee can’t be later than 15 days from the end of the job. In case of work on Sundays, holidays, nights or overtime, the hourly fee is increased by 50%. Also, except from the increased hourly rate, students are entitled to a hot meal fee and travel expenses.

The fee that the employer has to pay is 17.5% higher than the net salary paid to the student.  The total cost of the employer consists of net salary, contribution for retirement, and health insurance for persons insured under special circumstances, mediation fee in the amount of 0.5% of net salary for the purpose of financing the activities carried out by students and student organizations and mediation fee in the amount of 12% of the net salary for settling the costs of mediation and investment in accommodation, student nutrition and activities aimed at students.

From the date the Law enters into force, all mediators have a deadline of 60 days for the reconciliation of operations with the provisions of the Law, and must submit a request for mediation approval at the latest within 5 years. In the case of a violation of the rights defined by the Law, any of the parties involved may request from the Ministry or Inspectorate of Labour to conduct inspection supervision.

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