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UHY network in Croatia is your partner for business sucess. Wide variety of our services are guarantee that you will never need to look around for another financial consultant for a certain job. Our network boosts you with the support you have always thought of, through giving you anwers to any question you might have, as long as it has any connection with finance. We will give you a consultant that will answer your needs with great will and experience. We offer our clients great spectra of services, organize regular educations and seminars for them, giving you a feel that you can count on our support when you need it the most. We will either find a way, or make one! Welcome to UHY world.

Trainings and Seminars

Laws change, rules are made, and you are not lifting the head from paper and screen? Educate yourself on time and don't let the time and changes overrun you! 

In light of constant changes of laws, a small number of accounting and audit offices, like any other businesses may have a sufficient number of experts who could spot all the significant differences, and apply them in their everyday businesses. 

That is why, as the largest audit firm in Dalmatia, we need to share knowledge with our clients and partners, where our teams regularly several times a year prepare seminars and trainings, sometimes only for our clients, sometimes for external audience, interested in a number of our education programmes in the field of accounting, finance, consulting and European funds.

In addition, we are able to provide in-house training of your staff so that they can independently continue to perform the required tasks and duties. 

In this area, we often collaborate with Croatian employers association (HUP), Subsidiary Dalmatia on the Programme of management training, in whose organization we often educate our colleagues from the Employer's Association. 

List of educational services: 

  • Workshops to produce the annual reports
  • Seminars on topics from the world of accounting and finance 
  • In-house education and training of accounting staff and management 
  • Workshops / training on EU funds
  • Seminars and workshops in collaboration with Employer's association, Subsidiary Dalmatia

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