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UHY network in Croatia is your partner for business sucess. Wide variety of our services are guarantee that you will never need to look around for another financial consultant for a certain job. Our network boosts you with the support you have always thought of, through giving you anwers to any question you might have, as long as it has any connection with finance. We will give you a consultant that will answer your needs with great will and experience. We offer our clients great spectra of services, organize regular educations and seminars for them, giving you a feel that you can count on our support when you need it the most. We will either find a way, or make one! Welcome to UHY world.

Financial advisory

Sometimes you need a different perspective. Our financial advisors can provide you with this perspective, obtained through extensive experience of the needs of SMEs.

So far you have taken care of all aspects of your business yourself? You have swam alone in the ocean of acts and laws and wandered through the forest of meanings and opinions? 

It's time to dedicate yourself to your real job and make your administration worries smaller and less important. We are here to provide you with timely advice throughout the year and keep track of all relevant legislative changes that affect your business. 

Our experts offer rational business advices based on year-long experience in working with a significant number of clients of various sizes and complexity, covering a wide range of activities. 

Our financial advisory services include a whole range of business tasks, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best. Whatever the case might be, we will consider various influences with you and recommend the best way forward. 

Are you planning to sell or take over, and you need a whole range of financial services from professionals? You are at the right place.

List of financial advisory services:

  • Estimation of company value

Whether it's an estimate of value for external or internal needs, our experts for company valuation are ready to provide quality service of company valuation. Such valuation is the guarantor of the market value of your or someone else's firm, in which you can completely rely as a realistic, market-quoted price, worth paying the calculated price.

  • Financial due diligence

Our dedicated professionals can, through extensive financial due diligence, provide you with the security that the firm is in a stable financial position, and there are no hidden threats, problems or elements that would make a critical impact on a business transaction.

Every company at some stage of their business may get into position to be insolvent and in problems with their debts, either by its own fault, or the influence of external factors.

You should notice the right time to call for help from an external expert, and that time is when you don't have enough knowledge to solve the financial problems on your own.

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